What Breastfeeding Means For Partners

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Your baby is finally here! You are overjoyed but you are worried about developing a bond with your baby since your partner is breastfeeding.

"But what does breastfeeding mean for me? How will I bond with my baby? How can I help feed my baby?"

Don’t worry.  

There are so many ways you can bond with your baby.

Skin To Skin

Your baby is used to being in a warm, cozy tummy. So, what’s the next best thing? Skin to skin with dad! Climb in bed, remove your shirt and lay your baby on your chest. Cover yourselves up with a blanket to stay nice and toasty! You can rub your baby’s back and talk or sing. Your baby will love it, I promise.

Talk To Your Baby

Talk to your baby. All. The. Time. When you’re changing his diaper. When you’re changing his clothes. When you’re bathing him. When you’re holding him. It can be absolute nonsense. It can be about what you hope to do with him one day. It’s up to you!

Help Facilitate Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is hard. Your partner needs your help. Bring the baby to her for feedings. Make sure she stays well hydrated. Bring light snacks to your partner while she nurses your baby. Your partner will appreciate your efforts and your baby is happy when he has a full tum!

Be Present

Cuddle up in bed with your partner while she breastfeeds your baby. Take part in the day to day care of the baby. Put the baby to sleep. Spend time with your baby and your partner. Any time spent with your baby, is time spent strengthening your bond!

Now go and cuddle that cute little baby!

You've got this!!