After you've had your baby there's a flurry of activity. Your doctor, nurses, and support team surround you. Then your family and friends may flood in to congratulate you and see your newborn. Once the dust has settled, often families are left to fend for themselves. Hickory Family Doulas is passionate about ensuring every member is cared for.



A soft landing

Adding Postpartum care to your team after baby comes home is a beautiful way to ensure that your growing family will be able to transition with support. When everyone has gone back to their own lives, make sure that your family still has what they need.

household management

Laundry, dishes, and sweeping wait for no one! Our Postpartum Doulas are skilled professionals and know exactly what you need to keep your house running. Allowing Hickory Family Doulas to take over the day-to-day allows parents and siblings to rest and bond with their new members. Let your family do what they should be doing, doting on you and baby. We'll take care of the rest.



overnight care for all

Families who choose any feeding method will find the rest and respite of overnight care a breath of fresh air. Sleep is a vital part of any parenting journey. Parents who do not get an adequate amount of sleep are at a higher risk for mood and anxiety disorders. Our Postpartum Doulas work with you to develop a night routine that works for everyone and can even make sure your coffee is ready in the morning.