birth support that respects your wishes

Families turn to Hickory Family Doulas for birth support with heart in North Carolina. We provide support prenatally when meeting with you and your partner to form a plan and answer questions. Being available by phone or email brings you a resource that is at your fingertips. During your birth we'll meet you and your partner to bring a sense of calm and control, ensuring that you feel in charge and aware of each decision that is made. We support your birth, your way, whatever that means to you.

How do doulas help expecting families?


As professionals we are constantly seeking the newest and most updated safety standards available. Our job is making sure your family has the information you need. Throughout your pregnancy you have your own personal experts available at your fingertips to ask even the simplest of questions. We bring to you, without judgment, the answers you and your partner may need.


During your birth things are constantly shifting and changing. What feels amazing one moment may make you jump the next. Doulas come equipped with a whole host of techniques to try to increase physical comfort. We know just where to apply pressure, when to let up, and how to teach your partner these skills too. No matter what feels right at the moment, we're able to shift with you.


The path through birth is a winding one. Having someone to walk with you who has walked it before can make you feel less unsure when the twists and turns come. Sometimes you need a strong voice coaching you to keep going. Sometimes you need a small voice encouraging you to release and relax. Whatever the emotion, the doulas at Hickory Family Doulas know exactly how to help.