Your family needs quality, restful sleep to thrive.

Sleep is a requirement of a healthy life. You need it, your baby needs it, your family needs it! What to do when your littlest member decides they know best?

sleep coaching with hickory family doulas.

Using the tested and proven Mommywise Method, we help you encourage your baby to fall asleep in their own crib for 11-12 hours a night.

Establish Lifelong Sleep Habits

Learning to fall asleep is like learning to walk, talk, or ride a bike. Your baby needs help and coaching through the lesson. Once baby has established great sleep habits, we're there helping you troubleshoot. Give your baby the gift of sleep for their whole life.

help your entire family rest

In 72 hours or less your baby will be sleeping in their crib. Using a customized approach to sleep coaching, we assess your family's needs, your baby's needs, and your lifestyle. We are there every single step of the way, holding hands, learning and growing, and shifting if need be.

take care of your baby and yourself

Parenting while tired can be awful. Lack of sleep is often attributed to poor mental health in new parents. By taking care of your baby and helping them sleep you're helping yourself be the absolute best parent you can be.

be present. be focused. be rested.