How To Kick and Cope With Your Pregnancy Symptoms


You’re pregnant! Congratulations!

Early pregnancy comes with many discomforts; we’re here to help! Here are some of the most common symptoms and what you can do to help ease your discomfort!


Morning sickness/Nausea-

Morning sickness is caused by your ever-changing estrogen, progesterone, and hCG levels. Thanks, hormones. You can try to combat your nausea by incorporating more rest into your schedule, eating smaller, more frequent meals made up of bland foods, and staying well hydrated. If these don’t work, ginger scents or ginger drops from the store may help ease your sickness off. If nothing seems to help decrease your nausea, talk to your doctor about additional ways to ease your morning sickness.


Tender breasts/nipple changes-

If you are experiencing sensitive breasts, try avoiding clothing that causes any rubbing or chafing against your nipples. Try switching to a softer bra and wearing loose clothing. Heat and warm compresses can also help ease some of the soreness. You may also notice your breasts are growing and the color of your nipples darkening, this is completely normal! Some expecting people experience itchiness as their breasts are changing; using a lotion of your choice can help keep your skin hydrated and soothe some of the itchiness.



Unfortunately, fatigue is harder to combat. Try catching little naps throughout the day and incorporating an extra hour or two into your nightly sleep schedule. Light exercise and some vitamins may also help boost your energy, but your doctor should always be consulted before you try either of these options.



Heartburn is one of the more common (and more annoying) symptoms that can last all throughout your pregnancy as your baby grows and puts more pressure on your stomach. Try eating a handful of raw almonds or celery. Smaller portions and low-fat meals can reduce your chances of having heartburn. Ask your healthcare provider about antacids before you consume any.


Mood swings-

Hormonal changes can cause your mood to be all over the place. Be patient with yourself. It’s okay to cry over things that seem menial. Try getting more rest, eating a healthier diet, and talking to someone you can vent to can go a long way. If you’re finding the ups and downs are too much, talk to your healthcare provider about additional support or ways to combat your mood changes.



Headaches can come from many sources such as stress, caffeine, and even chocolate. If you are experiencing headaches, try resting, lying down in a dark room, and using ice pack or cold rags. Any medications you take for pain should be cleared with your healthcare provider.


Food Aversions/Cravings-

The easiest way to deal with your food aversions is to avoid any smells and foods that may upset your stomach. As far as food cravings go, treat yoself! Growing another human is hard work! Be sure to avoid overindulgence and sugary, fatty, or overly processed foods as they could upset your stomach.



Constipation can be a pain in the ass. Literally. Increasing your fiber and staying well hydrated by upping your fluid intake can help get and keep things moving. Options such as stool softeners and laxatives should be discussed with your healthcare provider.